Jake ‘O Stephens

Our Newest Signer To our Roster.

Jake’ O Stephens . Jacob Stephens- Heilman was born November 18th, 1995 in North Philadelphia, at the age of three years old, Jacob and his family moved to North Carolina to the small city called East Spencer, so that they could have a better environment for the young Jacob and his siblings.As Jacob got older, he was influenced by his older brother, cousin and their friend/Mentor Brandon Mason the independent record label owner and artist saintbrix with his company SPR Music Group. LLC, which was right up the street, from Mr. Jacob Stephens.in 2011 Jacob begin to lay down the track to his mix tape called ( ‘Nothing To Lose Everything To Gain’). Jacob hopes to bring out his talent as a musician as well as a comedian.Jacob is now a member of SPR Music Group. LLC as of February 11th, 2015